Of course my Annoy.com covers have been getting me into trouble of late, although not compared to the deluge of mail I received relating to my editorial on Don Imus, Imus and the Flies. The fact that Sid Rosenberg, whom I criticized venomously, was fired after mocking Australian singer Kylie Minouge's breast cancer added fuel to the fire. A google search for Sid Rosenberg and Imus brings my editorial up in the top 20 results and a search for Bernard McGuirk brings up my criticisms of him in the top 2, above MSNBC's biography.

Newsweek's little faux pas -- failing to authenticate a story about interrogators at Guantanamo Bay flushing a Q'uran down the toilet -- provided fodder for the White House to deflect criticism of its own policies by blaming Newsweek for America's lack of global popularity. My image of the Q'uran in the toilet on the cover of Newsweek prompted much criticism, but quite honestly, I would have done the same had the story been about the Bible or Torah.

The Ann Coulter cover of Time, inspired by Time's decision to put this moron on their cover received much attention too, although very graphic and not recommended for opening at work!

The John Bolton cover received scant attention, perhaps reflective of the fact that no one really cares about him one way or the other. (Until he's representing America at the United Nations!) And , of course, I've yet to hear from Hummer!

Other than that, nothing is more important in America than Michael Jackson and Jesus, in that order. Till next time, adios.

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"Joto" Exhibition

I am participating in a group show at Amaru gallery in San Francisco titled Joto. Amaru Gallery. "Joto" will run through July 31st, 2005. In many Latin American countries, the word "joto" is a pejorative term akin to "faggot" in English. It derives from the letter that was assigned to the cell block in prison which was reserved for homosexuals. The letter assigned to that block was the letter "J", pronounced "jota" in Spanish. "Joto" being the masculine form of the word "jota", came to mean "faggot". Other artists include Tony De Carlo, Javier Rocabado, Xavier Garza-Galindo, Juan R. Guitierrez, Eugene Rodriguez, Roberto Arras and Jairo De La Vega. (For those of you wondering, my fabulous grandmother's name was Jacinta Roseiro!)

>>>Amaru Gallery

Annoy.com Editorials

In God We Lust

As everyone fought and politicized a woman's personal and private nightmare -- with such ugliness one can only hope she was not cognizant of any of it -- John Paul II lay clinging to life, powdered, puffed and swathed in silk and satin in what was interpreted by the Catholic Church as a "lesson in suffering and sacrifice." His much anticipated death quickly knocked Schiavo off the front pages, but only amplified the increasingly vulgar mix of religion and politics - particularly in America. Until they remembered Michael Jackson.

While the stories of interrogators flushing the Q'uran down the toilet are more likely true than the military's official version of Pat Tillman's death, everyone seemed to forget that Newsweek's credibility -- tied to American journalism in general -- never really had any to loose to begin with.

As pseudo-pious religious leaders propagandize their hate, and politicians flock to them like virgins at prison rodeos, America is in a dangerous and intolerant place. If these are the people claiming to represent God, God must have hired 49ers team public relations director, Kirk Reynolds, to promote His cause.

>>In God We Lust: Full Editorial.

Annoy.com Covers

Holy Shit, Newsweek!

All too easily the pro-Bush no matter what crowd attacked Newsweek, spurred on by an indignant White House. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, ominously responded by saying: "People need to be very careful about what they say."

"It's appalling that this story got out there," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice angrily snarled. Oh that the moral outrage for a lack of journalistic integrity was applied with as much passion to America's abuse, torture and detention without trial. The force with which the Administration and its defenders blamed Newsweek for the deaths and riots in Afghanistan following the now-retracted report, suggested that the story had damaged America's squeaky clean global image. As if Abu Ghraib was a mirage and joyful Iraqis had showered American servicemembers with flowers upon Baghdad's "liberation."

>>Holy Shit, Newsweek!: Detailed Coverage.

Dry As a Bone

A serin gas story we were forced to retract
It didn't really wash as a matter of fact
Our Columbine cover celebrated the attacker
And who could forget we made O.J. even blacker

Now we've outdone ourselves, scraping the dregs
Ann Coulter convinced us to feature her legs
Skinny and white, yes we made them even whiter
Enhancing the asset Time thinks makes her brighter

The anti-feminist who can't keep it shut
Ms. Conservative Whore, Miss Political Slut
Muslims around her had better beware
Or anyone darker than the blonde of her hair
The Eva Braun without powerful dick
The abominable hussy who can't turn a trick

The Ms. Tim McVeigh with her treasonous pen
With her foot in her mouth again and again
Convert Muslims to Christians to help save the day
Bomb the New York Times building to keep liberals at bay

Missus Closet Minority, clawing her way
Through the Plexiglas ceiling she claims is okay
Barefoot and pregnant is how she wants them to be
While exposing her crotch every night on TV

>>Dry as a Bone: Full Coverage.

Viva La Devolution!

Following the melodramatic demise of the Pope and the prehistoric display of secret conclaves and plumes of smoke of indeterminate colors that dominated media coverage the globe over, a former Nazi-youth fossil goose-stepped from the Reichstag into the Vatican vacancy left by John Paul II, anointing himself Benedict XVI. It wasn't a particularly long march.

Among the first things this murderous pig did in his new position, aside from fast-track John Paul's road to sainthood, was to convince African clergy that contraception was sinful, so what if it helped stem the little AIDS pandemic plaguing the continent. African Catholics should be very wary of Benedict XVI though. What better way to racially cleanse than to trick the black folk into shunning contraceptives? You can take the Nazi out of the Reichstag, but you can't take the Reichstag out of the Nazi.

>>Viva La Devolution!: Full Coverage.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Mass Destruction

Gas Consumption

Crass Production

Sass Obstruction

Choke on poison

Eat the dust

Wasted wells

In oil we trust

>>Weapon of Mass Destruction: Detailed Coverage.

Jewdicial Activism

At the height of the Terri Schiavo case, the artificial Senate majority leader Bill Frist managed to make a complex medical diagnosis via video tape that was as kooky as the image of Virgin Mary appearing in a toasted cheese sandwich. (This was before he appeared with Conservative Christian leaders on a nationally televised rally sponsored by the Family Research Council to compare the congressional act of filibustering to "lack of faith"). Denouncing judges as "judicial activists" perhaps he would climb off his religious pedestal and be less inclined to inject his pseudo-religious dogma into his political decisions if he simply remebered how martyrs were made -- and by whom!

>>Jewdicial Activism: Detailed Coverage.

Ambassassain: Semi Sawed-Off Diplomatic

Conversation Ungalante

OBSERVE: "Our flankering friend the buffoon!
Or possibly (detestable, I confess)
It may be a President's United Nations goon
Or an old unskilled wordsman rebuffed
To incite more disdain for a declensional mess.
He then: "How little you impress!"

And I then: "Someone scratches upon the chalkboard
That maladroit propaganda, with which we disdain
The right and contrite; lies which we reward
To masquerade our lethean exiguousness."
He then: "Does this refer to me?"
"Oh no, it is we -- our obloquy."

"You, Kick-down, are the blundering dragoon,
The execrable assassin of diplomatic repartee,
Belittling the thorough with officious impugn!
With your solecistic spew and prolix nefarious
An embarrassment ambassador of Antipathy"
And "Is America serious?"

>>Ambassassain: Detailed Coverage.

Annoy.com Feature

Pope John Paul II: A Legacy of Shame

Over the last eight years or so, Annoy.com has amassed an impressive collection of content relating to Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church and the scandals and hatred that continue to plague its clergy as it continues to issue proclamations, edicts and directives that despite being positioned and packaged as a "culture of life," are abusive and deadly.

From poverty and AIDS stemming from a retarded policy toward condom distribution, birth control and women's reproductive freedom to antiquated, misogynist and homophobic attitudes -- all the more hypocritical given the Church's overwhelming cadre of pedophiles -- they have evolved little in their long and murderous history.

From editorials, to covers, features and postcards, the Pope and the Church have certainly touched all of our lives. Some of us, however, are not that happy about it. We present a special feature in celebration of Pope John Paul II's death, and the faint hope that the next Pope might be a little less bombastic, cruel and deadly.

>>Pope John Paul II: A Legacy of Shame

Previous Email

Freedom, Flies and Wife Support

The death of Terri Schiavo last Thursday left some extraordinarily deep rifts in its wake, not the least of which was exposure to a growing religious fervor that is bringing America ever closer to a dangerous kind of theocracy. Not to be outdone, the Pope clung to life for two days while overeager news channels, like Fox, reported that he was dead before he actually died. But America's "culture of life" is admirable if you ignore the hundred thousand or so Iraqis killed so far, the more than 1,500 American servicemembers or the 152 people Mr. Bush executed as governor of Texas (mocking Karla Faye Tucker's plea to have her life spared). Abstinence only approaches to reproductive education and the havoc such a policy wreaks globally on fighting AIDS is not even worth mentioning at this point. (And you thought Mr. Mbeki's policies were problematic). With America's renewed commitment to rid the world of dictators, rather than praying for the Pope, consider praying that Zimbabwe either strikes oil or opens their reclaimed land to U.S. military bases. Oh, and a belated Happy Easter and Passover as we celebrate even more death in the name of religion. Till next time, enjoy the show.

>>The details...

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