Conduct Unbecoming: 1995

Urgent Warning

An urgent message to all servicemembers in the U.S. Military:

If you are in possession of this CD ROM or itís packaging, you could be targeted for investigation, discharged or court-martialed.

Do not leave it in a place where anyone can find it and attribute its possession to you. Under the new military regulations, possession of this CD ROM or packaging can be construed as culpable conduct.

We urge that you immediately access the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network page in the CD ROM to gain an understanding of what can happen to you, and what recourse you have. If you have additional questions, contact the SLDN.

The sooner you understand the policy and itís implications, the better protected you will be.


Prologue: The Dangerous Difference

Profiles in Courage (ApolloMedia/Hotwired Ventures Production)

Miriam Ben-Shalom

"Why don't they kick me out?"

Copy Berg

The voice faded into the background noise as Copy watched his father walk from the stand.

Gerald Rosanbalm

"Under such circumstances, I'd tell them anything they want to know."