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From studying at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to challenging the Attorney General before the United States Supreme Court. Additional biographical details as articulated by the person who lived them.

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His art is not subtle. It can be hard to take. But Clinton Fein is not afraid to make a statement.

He has been sued, or threatened with legal action, by the New York Times, the Gap, Ziff Davis and numerous other businesses and individuals whose images, logos or advertising content he has used.

By Kenneth Baker, The San Francisco Chronicle

Clinton Fein and the Art of Political Protest

As a Web-based artist, Fein produces outrageous graphics that make an instant statement. The artist's deft understanding of his political content and high-impact images are communicated and disseminated globally, taking on an afterlife of their own. His campaign of Shock and Awe is unrelenting as he pairs his message with a meticulous attention to detail. While many slap-dash images circulate on the Internet, Fein makes every pixel count.

By Deborah Phillips

Fein seized upon despicable amateur images, which unexpectedly had acquired public notoriety and probative value, and re-presented them in enhanced, painterly terms. His invocation of old-master painting, far from summoning up Christian martyrdom as do the Abu Ghraib canvases of Fernando Botero, delivers us to the dark threshold of inhumanity conjured by Goya.
Marcia E. Vetrocq , Art in America Magazine.




South African born in Johannesburg, 1964. Currently resides in San Francisco, California





2010       Full Disclosure, January - February, 2010, Toomey Tourell, San Francisco, California (Solo)


                Banned and Recovered, January 2010 – January 2013, California Exhibition Resources Alliance, USA (Group exhibition)






2008       Clinton Fein at Southern Oregon University, 04/17/08 – 05/31/08, Thorndike Gallery, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon


2007       Torture, 01/04/07 – 01/30/07, Toomey Tourell, San Francisco, California


2005       Uncovered, 02/12/05 – 03/13/05, Upfront Gallery, Ventura, California


2004       Numb & Number, 10/07/04 - 11/13/04, Toomey Tourell, San Francisco, California


WARNING!, 08/31/04 – 10/02/04, Axis Gallery, New York, New York


2003       Criminal Vol. 2, 10/18/03 – 12/31/03, African American Library and Museum at Oakland, Oakland, California






2009       The Other Mainstream II, 09/27/08 – 01/04/09, Selections from the Collection of Mikke and Stanley Weithorn, The Arizona State University Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona


2008       Banned and Recovered, curated-Hanna Regev, 09/05/08 – 12/30/08, African American Library and Museum at Oakland, Oakland, California


NOISE, 10/15/08 – 11/04/08, Anton Gallery, Monterey, California


Face It - Torture in the 21st Century, 10/19/08 and 10/20/08, Highways, Santa Monica, California


Peace Billboards: Artists Collaborate with the United Nations, 05/26/08 – 06/22/08, San Francisco, California


Bridge Berlin, International Art Fair, 10/30/08 – 11/02/08, w/ Toomey Tourell, Berlin, Germany


2007       Beijing International Art Exposition, Torture, 09/20/07 – 09/23/07, w Michael Petronko Gallery, Beijing China


                Bridge London, Special Project Invitation, Torture, 10/11/07 - 10/14/07, London, United Kingdom


                Flow Art Fair, Miami, 12/05/07 – 12/09/07, w/ Toomey Tourell Gallery, Miami, Florida


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2006       Visual Politics: The Art of Engagement, curated-Peter Selz, 04/19/06 – 07/30/06, American University Museum, Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC


2005       Joto, 06/22/05 – 07/22/05, Amaru Gallery, San Francisco, California


Imprints, 02/08/05 – 04/02/05, Axis Gallery, New York, New York


San Francisco International Art Expo, 01/05/ - 01/17/05, w/ Toomey Tourell, Fort Mason, San Francisco, California


2004       Fear Will Not Silence Us!!!! Anti-Militarist Art Show! 06/26/04, Not in Our Name, French Fry Factory, Oakland, California


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Scope New York, 03/12/04 – 03/15/04, w Toomey Tourell, New York, New York


Academy of Friends and Visual Aid Art Auction, 02/12/04, w/ Toomey Tourell, San Francisco, California


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Scope Miami, 12/04/03 – 12/07/03, w/ Toomey Tourell, Miami, Florida


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2002       ICON 2002, 10/04/02, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California


Big Deal, Visual Aid 9th Annual Art Sale/Fundraiser, 111/15/03, w/ Toomey Tourell, San Francisco, California






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                Symposium (developed and presented)

Freedom of Expression During Times of War

University of California at Berkeley Extension


Panel: Interface between art and vandalism

University of San Francisco


Lecture: Presenting challenging material

Department of Museum Studies, John F. Kennedy University


Lecture: Open Access and Small Business

San Francisco Small Business Network


Lecture: The New Role of Electronic Media

School of Journalism, University of Oregon





2001       Nominee, PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award in 2001


1998       Nominee, Webby Award in the category Politics+Law,


1995       Winner, Critics Choice Award, USA Today and San Francisco Review of Books, Conduct Unbecoming CD-ROM





2001 – Present   First Amendment Project  - President of the Board




1992 – 1993         University of California, Los Angeles Screenwriting, Acting, Directing


1983 – 1987         University of the Witwatersrand,  Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Psychology